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Jun 9, 2020

This episode delves into the history of Whipple’s disease — from its initial description, to the lengthy process of proving it’s an infectious disease.

  • Intro :11
  • In this episode :12
  • The initial case report 1:35
  • How I fit into the history of Whipple’s 4:46
  • Back to the case report 6:56
  • Bodies in the intestines 10:12
  • More about George Hoyt Whipple 10:50
  • Whipple may not have been the first to identify this condition 14:19
  • First treatment with antibiotics 15:55
  • Personality change after antibiotics 19:12
  • Whipple’s disease intestines have positive staining 20:20
  • Using the electron microscope in Whipple’s disease 21:18
  • Summary and take-home 25:19

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