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Oct 5, 2018

Do you know the etymology of the word “gout,” or how a simple microscope aided in the identification of tophi? Join me as I explore the history of this inflammatory arthritis and highlight the important scientists who shaped the modern era of gout.

  • Intro :10
  • What to expect in Part 2 :48
  • A question: Which urate-lowering therapy was made for an expressly different reason than to treat gout? 1:34
  • The first modern description of gout 1:54
  • Let’s go back to the Greeks 3:05
    • Why is it called “gout?” 3:06
    • An anecdote from medical school 4:13
    • Hippocrates’ words of wisdom on gout 4:58
    • First century AD: Gout is linked with excessive eating and drinking 6:01
  • Things get muddled 6:20
  • 1683: The modern era of gout is described 6:42
  • “Gout Perspectives” published in The Lancet in 2018 7:06
  • Self-taught Dutch scientist, Antony van Leeuwenhoek, pioneers the microscope and identifies tophi 8:29
  • Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovers uric acid 11:38
  • William Hyde Wollaston tests tophi and discovers it’s full of uric acid 12:57
  • Emperor of uric acid, Alfred Baring Garrod, associates elevated serum uric acid with gout 13:48
    • If anyone knows how the thread test works, please email me 14:58
    • He theorized that uric acid causes gout 15:37
  • A look back at what we know 16:09
  • What we don’t know: What’s in the joints of patients with acute gout? 16:22
  • Stay tuned for The History of Gout, Part 2 16:34

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