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Apr 23, 2020

This episode explores the history of cryoglobulinemic vasculitis, from the first person who froze a tube of blood and noticed something strange happened, to the discovery of hepatitis C. We also throw in how the lab test for cryoglobulins is performed and some of the data we have on therapy.

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  • Intro :20
  • In this episode :45
  • How is this test done? 1:30
  • What is the first description of cryoglobulins? 4:15
  • The first time “cryoglobulins” is used 10:26
  • Hepatitis C is discovered and linked to cryoglobulinemia 16:28
  • What do we know about the pathophysiology? 19:38
  • Why does HCV do this? 22:12

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  • What’s in the blood as a result of immune complex? 24:52
  • What do we know about autoimmune diseases and the prevalence of cryoglobulins? 26:03
  • What about treatment? 28:25
  • Summary of this three-part series 36:16

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