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Oct 2, 2020

Learn about the discovery of immunodeficiencies leading to the use of pooled immunoglobulin as therapy, the struggle to use it intravenously and the eventual use in autoimmune disease.

  • Intro :11
  • In this episode :15
  • Splitting Part 3 into two episodes :26
  • Part A of the history of IV Ig and the antibody :53
  • A recap on Cohn fractionation 2:40
  • The history and uses of IV Ig 4:30
  • What led to the recognition and research of primary immunodeficiencies 7:08
  • How Charles Janeway Sr. paved the way for IV Ig from intramuscular Ig 9:01
  • What are protein aggregates? 12:54
  • Understanding the various mechanisms of Ig reactions 15:49
  • Managing patients with low IgA and anti-IgA antibodies 18:36
  • How to go from treating immunodeficiency to treating autoimmunity 21:40
  • The modern understanding and mystery of IV Ig 25:30
  • Quick summary 26:05
  • Thanks for listening! 27:30

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