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Dec 18, 2019

This interview with Chester V. Oddis, MD, will have you standing from a seated position without the need to use your arms as we discuss the inflammatory myopathies. We cover the classification, pathophysiology and treatment approaches to these diseases, as well as all the antibodies you must learn about for boards!

  • Intro :20
  • The interview 1:05
    • How did you become involved in inflammatory myopathies? 1:12
    • What’s your approach to a patient with suspected inflammatory myopathy? 1:50
    • What’s your opinion on the pathogenesis of these antibodies? 6:20
    • Any pearls for muscle biopsy? 9:30

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  • Any pearls for reading EMGs? 12:20
  • What should we look for once we have a biopsy? 14:16
  • What do we know from a cytokine perspective? 17:52
  • Where do you think we’ll be with inflammatory myopathies in 10 years? 21:50
  • Thank you, Dr. Oddis 24:12

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Disclosures: Brown reports no relevant financial disclosures. Oddis reports receiving clinical trial support from Corbus Pharmaceuticals and Genentech.

Chester V. Oddis, MD, is professor of medicine and director of the Myositis Center in the division of rheumatology and clinical immunology at University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine.