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Nov 27, 2019

Things get a little nerdy in this episode, which focuses on the basic science of what makes the inflammasome tick in CAPS, as well as data on the use of interleukin 1 inhibition.
Hint: Listen to “The Inflammasome for Dunces” episode first, and this one will make more sense.

  • Intro :20
  • Recap of Part 1 :33
  • Overview of this episode 1:56
  • Familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome 3:04
  • Muckle-Wells syndrome 6:34
  • The two checkpoint problem 8:36
  • What do we know about the inhibition of the inflammasome? 11:13
  • Back to the trebuchet analogy 11:48

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  • A paper on CARD8 in the setting of CAPS 13:50
  • Let’s talk about prostaglandins 15:27
  • There are over 100 mutations in CAPS 18:15
  • Let’s talk about treatment 18:42
  • One caveat 25:41
  • That’s CAPS 26:45
  • Reach out to me via email and on Twitter 27:03
  • Episode recap 27:41

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